1) Do you sell stock belts, medals or rings?

No, we do not keep any stock. We only make products as per order of our clients

2) How is the artwork being produced?
First, you have to decide the category of the belt you want us to make, for example: Premium style belt, Brass style belt or  Economy style belt. It is always best recommended that you present your own ideas, such as style of plates and designs of plates. You can even submit a raw drawing to extend your idea to us. Then one of our professional designers will make a sketch for your approval. Once we received your approval, we will then proceed to final production of the belt. Please note that Artwork production process is the same for Custom Medals and Custom Championship Rings.

3) Can you change the design of belt, ring or medal after sketch is made?
Yes, you can ask for changes in the design until you are satisfied with the design.

4) How long will it take to produce my order?
It depends on the number of orders in queue. Normally, we ship belts within 3 weeks after the final approval of sketch.

5) How long, will it take to produce if I order rings?
Production for rings for a minimum order quantity is 15 days.

6) How long will it take to produce if I order custom medals?
Production time for medals for a minimum order quantity is two weeks.

7) What are the standard sizes of belts?
Please refer to this page Pricing and ordering

8) Can I place a rush order?
For first time production order, please allow us maximum time we mentioned above. See questions # 4, 5 & 6.
For backorder, we can ship them within one (1) week.

9) Can you replicate a belt?
Yes, we can replicate a belt. If you have any belt that you want us to replicate, we will require you to send a sample of original belt, so we can make the exact copy for you.

10) How long will it take to ship my orders?
Normally, it takes 1 week to ship orders. Always let us know your expected delivery date when placing your order.

11) Do you ship overseas?
Yes, we accept and ship order in any parts of the world. For UK, USA, Canada and Europe, we ship products free of cost.

12) How will my order be shipped?
Please refer to this page “Worldwide Shipping

13) Payment terms?
Please refer to this page “Payment Options

14) Is the price is negotiable?
We can negotiate price according to the quantity ordered. Please email us at info@customchapionshipbelts.com to get quotation for your bulk orders.

15) What is the quantity of a minimum order?
Minimum order quantity varies from product to product. For custom championship belts, we can accept order of single belt. For rings, minimum order quantity must be 10 pieces of same design, minimum 10 pieces of custom medals.

16) How can I place my order?
You can place your order by clicking “order now”.

17) How will I pay?
Please refer to this page”Payment Options

If you have any other question, feel free to write us at  info@customchampionshipbelts.com