Pricing and ordering

Prices and Ordering


Premium Style Belts

1/8″Thick Metal

Gold Plated, Silver or Bronze Plated

Brass Style

1/16” Thick Metal

Brass Plated

Including Color Plates

Plain Style

1/16” Thick Metal

Gold or Silver colors

3 Plated

1 Centre / 2 side

349.00 $

299.00 $

299.00 $

5 Plated

1 Center/ 4 Side

399.00 $

349.00 $

349.00 $

Extra Plate Side, Logo Plate

50.00 $

40.00 $

40.00 $


These prices include the design artwork development charges. There are no separate charges for artwork development.
Premium style belts are of the highest quality. Thickness of the plates in premium style belts is 1/8” or 0.125 inches. The above prices are based on 10” X 10” size of center plates and side plated of almost 4” X 4”. There could be minor variation in the mentioned measurements.

If you need large plates for your belts, that could be produced upon request.

Example of Premium style Championship Belt

premium championship belts

Example of Brass style Championship Belts

Example of Economy Style championship Belt


Payment Policy

1. Once the artwork of your belt is produced, fifty (50%) percent advance payment will be required before getting your belts into production.

2. You can ask for modifications in the artwork of your belt. Once the artwork is approved by you, your belt will go to production.

3. Once the belt is made, we will send a high resolution image of your belt. Full payment is required before shipping your order.

International Orders
We accept international orders and the payment terms remain the same for the international orders.

Payment Modes
Please click on Payment Options to read about available payment modes.

These prices are negotiable with order quantity. If you order of 20 Belts, discounted prices will be applied on your order. To get a quote for bulk order, kindly send an email containing order details at