About us

Before becoming championship belt makers, Mr. Zuhaib Sarfraz who has been a big fan of combat sports such as Wrestling, MM and Jiu-Jitsu had a great passion towards awards particularly Championship Belts, which were quite expensive to outsource like 800 to 1200 $ and initially he decided to make his own cardboard championship belts to  make his own collection.  which he managed to make at home with his printer, cardboard and few fancy tapes. He designed few of the belts from scratch, according to him “Yeah, that was good but it was not professional” so he decided to take belts his profession and learnt design process and production process. Meanwhile, his passion bought him to discover some many new things which were not part of belts before and more importantly few innovations in production to bring down product cost. After taking up all the techniques, he decided to start his own production for belts, mainly to supply Custom Championship Belts to awards industry, more specifically to boost up passion of belts enthusiast.

Championship Belt Makers

In 2013, CCB came into being as professional makers of championship belts. Since then, we have supplied belts to hundreds of businesses. This list includes few big companies who not only appreciated our work but also some of  them sent us their precious testimonials in letters and emails. Our clientage is not just limited to Business to Business but so many clubs and leagues related to different sports are part of customer list. Last but not the list, Belt passionate people across the world always been our most valuable asset. Being championship belt makers, we have produced belts mainly in the following categories.

Wrestling Belts

Boxing Championship Belts

MMA Championship Belts

Jiu-Jitsu Championship Belts

Beer Pong Championship Belt

Fantasy Football Championship Belt

Employee Of The Month Championship Belt

Salesman Of The Year Championship Belt

Baseball Championship Belt

Soccer Championship

championship belt makers

And list goes on and on. Honestly, championship belts could never limited to categories, In fact belts could be for anything and everything. So, if you are looking for your very own personalized championship belt. Just fill out the order now form and let us have your email, and we will design and make you your belt in best possible price.


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