Hello and Welcome to Custom Championship Belts. You must be looking for custom fantasy football championship belt and you have landed on right place. At CCB we provide total solution for customized fantasy football belts according to your own provided specification. We have a range of designs which you can customize for your fantasy football belt for you  or you can provide your own design, either in digital drawing or hand drawing and we will make your belt for there.

There are two main types of custom fantasy football belts that we produce. 3 Plates and 5 five plates. There is no mini order quantity requirement, we can provide you a single belt for your league or as many as you need. The best part that we offer to our customers is “FREE SHIPPING” Yes, right Free shipping across United States with best prices that you will find for a custom fantasy football belt.

Here for few particular design for fantasy football. Remember you can customize these belts with your own league name or the way you want. All the belts are produced in brass with leather strap. So no more cheap looking cardboard or plastic belts for your fantasy football belt or expensive “fantasy football trophies” . You can even select your required color for strap of the belt. Generally we produce belts in black leather, but you can get color of your own choice without any extra cost. So what are you waiting for, just fill out the from below and let us know your selected design from below mentioned designs along with design number and we will get back to you with a real looking prototype of your belt for your approval. Once you approve design of your very own custom fantasy football belt, we would require 50% down payment to start production of your belt and as soon as your belt will be ready, we will send your pictures of your belt along with a payment request of final 50% payment. Once all your payment is cleared we will ship your belt and you will get your belt in your hand right in 5 working days.


custom fantasy football championship belt

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Custom Fantasy football championship belt with name plates

This is a question that we are asked so often that if i can get a ” fantasy football championship belt with name plates” and our answer to this is YES. You can get your very own custom fantasy football championship belt with removable name plates. Idea behind removable name plate is you can put names of your past champions on these names plates as well as you can get these names plates engraved with names of current year winners and some blank names plates for your future winners. This way, your belt will work for years and years and of course with same shine as its new.

Fantasy football wrestling belt

In our opinion Idea behind fantasy football belt is actually driven from wrestling belt. But whatever it is, it has really boosted passion of people about fantasy football wrestling belt. Apart from that, fantasy football wrestling belts are further classified in  two main types, winner and loser fantasy football wrestling belts. Which means winner team will get a belt and loser will also get a belt. But difference in both actually appearance, usually winners belt looks like a golden belt whereas fantasy football loser trophy belt is in silver color and of course with some lose words.


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